Stepping out


Yesterday I took to the streets.  Alone.  It was time.  With a few notable exceptions, I have been imprisoned within the four walls of my house for three weeks.  Actually, I am lying.  One week in hospital, two at home.  Please stand corrected.  Whatevs, it has been tedious at times.  Last week I decided that by Monday I would be well enough to walk round to see a friend.  On.  My.  Own.

My excitement was already beginning to mount as I sorted out my clothes.  Much thought went into which scarf I would be wearing.  I settled on the white with red poppies.  I even spurned my post op chic leggings and opted for a skirt.  Obviously still with elasticated waist.  Having crossed into comfort wear you cannot expect me to leap back to normal attire in one bound.

When the time came, I sorted my pockets – handbag carrying not yet a comfy option – locked the front door, and set forth.  It was barely a quarter of a mile, but still, I went.  Alone.  Sweet freedom was mine!

And on arriving at my friend’s, I did not collapse, panting in a heap on her hall carpet.  I sat in her living room, sipping my mint tea, making polite conversation like the lay-dee I am.  And then I spotted my fashion faux pas.  My tights.  In my dim witted state I had donned a pair of navy blues.  Black boots, black skirt, navy tights.  I really should not be let out alone.


4 thoughts on “Stepping out

  1. Shocking! I’ll never forget Jean Reeves commenting on my navy leggings and black boots! It even led me to google if these colours were acceptable together. Should one wear brown or black with navy? The field was split but there was the most wonderful suggestion that red is the colour to wear with navy! You need a red skirt! Sorted! 😜


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