Anxiety Girl

Since the Lopping and Trimming took place I have had to adjust my wardrobe slightly.  I knew that I would need to acquire a few Button Through garments and had a splendid time with Chummy purchasing some appropriate items during our Up Yours Cancer Lunch.  These have been tremendously successful and I have added to the Button Through options with Step Into and Pull Up items which have also worked.  Of course, while all this is marvellous for my limited arm mobility and the thin layers are great for the hot flushes, none of it is particular good camouflage for the uneven nature of my one and a half bosoms.  And so I have become Scarf Woman.  Sadly unable to leap buildings in a single bound I do not seem to have acquired any super powers but a scarf does distract admirably.  And so I am embracing them.

I have even joked with several of you that Scarf Woman is my new Superhero status.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  Anxiety Girl really is more like it.  You see, Thursday’s appointment is looming large.  It is getting increasingly difficult to pretend that it is not happening.  Thursday is the day the results from my surgery will be shared with me.  Knowing that there are no cancer cells in my lymph nodes is massive and not to be underestimated.  But that does not mean I am totally in the clear.  On Thursday I find out what the rest of this year holds.  It is hard not to be anxious about it.

And so I find myself back in Psalms.  Actually I have never really left them.  This time it is Psalm 25 as sung by Graham Kendrick and Matt Redman.




8 thoughts on “Superheroes

  1. Do not apologise for feeling anxious, living with uncertainty is not a fun place to be. Just know that even when you are feeling a bit alone and in a scary place, you are much loved by our Father and your many friends who are holding you in prayer, (and telling cancer to do one!!!) What time is your appt on Thurs?
    Lots of love and big hugs xxxx


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