Compliments complementary


While I was still under the care of the local Breast Unit, I was deemed bonkers enough to require further support.  And trust me, it was necessary to appear more than a little off the wall.  I am ok with this.  If ever being slightly mad was a sane response to a situation, then surely receiving a diagnosis of cancer is the perfect time.

The further support came in the guise of Complementary Therapy.  The conversation I had with the Captain about it went as follows:

I’ve been referred for Complementary Therapy

Really?  How exciting!

slightly surprised: I was expecting scepticism …

Why ever would I be sceptical?  I think it’s marvellous that people are going to be nice to you.

confused: Nice to me?

Yes.  You know, like: You look fantastic; I think you’re lovely; You have an incredible mind; I love the colour of your shoes; (And then, because the Captain is the Captain) Your tits are amazing!


Complementary Therapy that is complimentary.  And all on the NHS.  Marvellous.

I had a planning session today.  Lots of things were on offer but we have settled on six sessions of reflexology.  I have been promised more interventions should the hot flushes get unbearable once I begin hormone treatment.  Which has not yet actually been settled upon but is looking more than likely.  That settled I came away with a relaxation cd and two sniffer sticks.  Which are exactly like Vicks inhalers.  Only without the Vicks.  These are filled with an individual blend of aromatherapy oils.  I have one to snort as I drop off to sleep and another to help with anxiety.  It was all pretty amazing.


9 thoughts on “Compliments complementary

  1. I can see you becoming a Neals Yard Organics Consultant for your personal shopping for future Well-being !
    Fantastic service on offer there; Even worth pretending to be off the wall to qualify!
    Enjoy the pampering and relaxation, and…….breathe! Hoping it all helps with resilience, combined with Gin of course!
    PS, don’t get too chilled out and forget the exercises


  2. all smacks of being a bit on the ‘wild side’ to me!
    make the most of whatever is on offer my dear – you’re worth it xxx


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