Improving Exercises


Today I was back at the hospital.  It was my routine appointment.  My swelling was checked out and deemed unconcerning.  Although Surgical Spice conceded that it was indeed impressive.  And she was positively excited by my peau d’orange skin.  Needles were thrust into unmentionable places but only 20mls of fluid was withdrawn which has not had a great deal of impact on my balloon like bosom.

While there I was asked about physiotherapy:

How are you getting on with your exercises?

I’m doing the ones I was told to.  When do I move on to the next set?

Oh.  You should’ve started them last week.  It says quite clearly on the sheet to do so.

Which sheet would that be?

You weren’t given a sheet?

That would be no.


So, the I Must, I Must, I Must Improve My Bust exercises have not been going as well as I had thought.  Fortunately, I have been diligent in doing the scaled down version.  You do not get to maintain friendships with physiotherapists for thirty years without realising that ignoring recommended exercises is simply Not An Option.  Physio Extraordinaire lives just around the corner from me and her regime of back exercises has kept my lumbar back in tip top condition so far.  Which is a huge relief given where I was starting from.  And if I dared to even consider skipping the I Must I Must I Must Improve My Bust exercises, my bezzie mate from hundreds of years ago would shout so loudly at me that no telephonic devices would be required to cover the great many miles between us for the monstrous telling off I would be subjected to.  Basically then, the ease with which I slipped into and found the next stage of exercises, is down to fear of my physio mates.  Hurrah, they are probably cheering.

I now have a week to progress to the final stage.  Ever competitive, I think this will be fine.  My phone has alarms set for three times a day.  I have memorised my sheet of instructions.  I am good to go.


9 thoughts on “Improving Exercises

  1. Great to hear! Did anyone explain why the sheet of exercises was not given to you? Honestly – you couldn’t make it up ! But well done you for taking that bit of nonsense in your stride too. You are amazing and greatly admired xx


  2. That’s why we are called Physioterrorists: Live in terror for not following your exercises Shoubsicle!
    I will be checking on progress very soon, with Prosecco and Gin rewards for being diligent:)
    Objective: To lift Gin bottle with left hand and pour into glass
    To raise glass in the air to toast your pert and perfectly formed Shoubsicle
    To get glass to mouth with left hand,
    Repeat 3 times daily or as often as required

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  3. This is the alternative exercise regime that may be easier to follow and I’d be happy to progress the programme in a week or so!


  4. I knew Debra was less scary than you were making out, Helen, but she is positively benign. I shall be raising my gin glass to you both this side of the world.


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