Swell Times

violet bearegarde

There were always going to be complications.  Over the past couple of days, maybe longer, I have been aware that my somewhat diminutive shoubsicle has been growing.  It is now stretched tighter than a tightly stretched drum skin.  It has even changed in shape.  And now I have swelling in other places too.

At my last appointment I was told I had a developed a ‘dog ear’ under my arm at the end of my back/shoulder scar.  It is a flap of skin that hangs down like the ear of a dog.  It happens a lot and will be corrected during one of my other surgeries at some point.  However, it is no longer hanging down.  It is sitting upright.  To attention even.  Which makes putting my arm by my side uncomfortable.  In fact, all this swelling is extremely uncomfortable.  Not painful.  Just a nuisance.  I have developed a whole new sympathy for Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I rang the Bosom Friends at the All Singing All Dancing Breast Unit and they have consulted with Surgical Spice.  Providing my temperature does not shoot up and my transplanted skin flap remains pink and healthy, they are content for me to keep my appointment tomorrow.  Which could well turn into a day of more needles in unspeakable places.  What fun!


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