Cor Blimey, but this recovering business is hardwork!  I do very little.  Very little.  And it exhausts me.  Pretty soon I shall have to purchase a couch so I can come over properly Victorian Lady and take to it.  As it is, I stir marginally from the bed.  I potter downstairs.  I have had two trips out of the house, three if you include the hospital.  And I watch the tele.  I cannot even wrap my mind around books yet.  I mean, I ask you?  What is that all about?  It does not help that I misplaced my reading glasses last week sometime but quite frankly, I have not needed them since so why worry?  Although I will admit, this lack of worry, is in itself worrying.  I am sure it will all come back to me.

For now though, I am hoovering up the Sky Movies channel.  It is something of a novelty as we do not normally have such things.  It is a bit of a treat for my recuperation.  I have just completed all eight Harry Potter films.  I may take up The Lord of the Rings, extended versions, next.  After all, I have time.  And they do not require complex thought.  Or any thought really.  Phew.

Other moments of excitement include the mastering of the One Handed Hair Washing Technique.  Currently, I am not allowed to raise my left arm higher than an angle of 45 degrees.  As it happens, I do not believe I can raise it higher than this so it is just as well.  This makes things like hair washing a little tricky but not impossible.  It is all so much easier now I am actually allowed in the shower.  When in hospital I was subjected to a hair wash with the dubiously named Shampoo Cap.

shampoo cap

I had decided to attempt to wash my hair the day I was due for discharge and asked for an extra towel.  In explaining what I needed it for, I was told I would have my hair washed for me.  With the Amazing, the Incredible, the Miraculous Shampoo Cap – ta daaa!  Actually, there were not trumpet flourishes and drum rolls but, really, there could have been.  The build up, was that good.  Sadly the product was not.  In fact, it was awful.  It specifically says that it is suitable for all hair types and mine is pretty average – neither dry nor especially greasy – but with ingredients like Castor Oil listed I fail to see just how my hair was meant to be less greasy after application.  As it happens, it was not.  As it happens, my Mum washed my hair on my return home.  It took several applications of shampoo to get rid of the oily mess left behind.  Not something that I would use again.


4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. I think the tiredness has a lot to do with the copious amounts of anaesthetics you had to keep you asleep during very lengthy surgery. It can take a month minimum to get it out of your system. So just enjoy the box sets, Sky Movies and random TV films my dear xxx


  2. Joan of Arcadia is an American series that i love, if you can find that it will keep you busy for a while. Ooooo this is the very time to make a list of films greatest films and plough through them. Exciting. Shawshank redemption, sliding doors, Kung fu panda, Bridget Jones, obviously not all classics but just my favourites x


  3. All that healing is exhausting but will be worth it in the end. In the meantime, enjoy being a couch potato and lap up all the sympathy. Loads of love X


  4. I have had chance today to catch up with the chapters of your epic story while travelling by train back home. You certainly haven’t lost your literary ability to keep us all entertained through this ordeal; a book in the making maybe!
    Glad you are finding the new “normal” gradually and finding some energy. Confused identity breast may eventually help you to lift those jam pans again as she did before, just back to front! So be prepared for making jam at a new angle in the future!
    Hope to be able to offer first hand advice in the not too distant future, with Gin in one hand of course! Xxx


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