So, how am I?

fire shorts

I could model these shorts. Hospitals are always hot. This ward is kept hotter than most.  I am in a side room with a newly sealed window and extra hot radiator. There is logic to all this. The surgery I have had has a much better chance of success if the newly transplanted tissues are kept warm. The heat encourages capillary dilation and diffusion of the area.  Besides the heat, I am wrapped up with great wadges of gauze. This is all very well but I am melting!  My temperature shot up this morning which I hope is down to all the environmental stuff. I feel ok.

I am doing pretty well. My catheter is out now, as is one of my drains. Both ivs are down and I’m pottering about. All a bit knackering but definitely heading in the right direction.


6 thoughts on “So, how am I?

  1. what an image. I am having a mini-break in Telford with the husband on Friday/Sat whilst he works. Poss of coming to visit you on the way home if acceptabubble X

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  2. Good to hear from you again Helen. Keep on taking just one step at a time – and holding the Easter hope before you too! Am off on hols for couple of weeks so will be quiet for a while but carrying you in thought and prayer. Much love xxx


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