Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

hot flush

It is five weeks since I flushed the last of my HRT tablets.  I was decidedly concerned about how this was going to affect me.  When I had my ovaries removed at the tender age of 34, my experience of menopause was much like being doused by a heavy and continual downpour of flaming petrol after three days.  Three days.  So pretty much immediately I was experiencing hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings – you know the drill.  I could not wait to get it corrected with HRT.  And thank God it was.  As the oestrogen in those tablets simply replaced the oestrogen I should have produced normally, my breast cancer is not linked to this at all.  Given my previous experience, I was expecting a repeat.  I am overjoyed that this has not happened.

However.  You just knew there was a however coming, didn’t you?

Me, standing by the bed last night: ‘I am so hot!’

Capt, other side of the room: ‘Yes, you are!’

Me, horrified: ‘Can you feel it from there?’

Capt: ‘No, but you’ve always been hot.  It’s why I married you.’

And that, reader, is why I married him!  Two days ago my hot flushes began in earnest.  My clothes are on and off me faster than a sex worker’s.  And with considerably less decorum much of the time.  I am particularly pleased with the timing of these symptoms (not).  After all, the plastic covered bedding in hospital next week should make the whole experience so much more pleasant.  And then there’s Anastrozole to look forward to.  Apparently that can take the menopause experience to a whole new level.  What larks we shall have!


2 thoughts on “Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

  1. You have the ability to make me giggle every time i read one of your posts. It sounds like hell and yet you are able to being a smile to my lips. I know this may not be any consolation at all but know, Mrs Tidy, that you have blessed me hugely by your wit and humour, and you have an incredible gift through the written word. Love you muchly x


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