lopsided bra

I have always been fond of lingerie.  Lingering in the lingerie department has been something that I have enjoyed since the early days of my bra wearing career.  But just lately it has become something of an obsession.  And not in a good way.  Seeing those rows upon rows of perfectly symmetrical satin cups, all ribbon and lace, and knowing that they have no part in my current wardrobe has not been fun.  Of course, I will have to buy an entirely new set of bras, but in what size?  Or shape?  And will lace ever feature?

The bosom friends at the All Singing All Dancing Breast Unit have been helpful but what I really would like is for one of them to come shopping with me at regular intervals between now and, oh I don’t know, say Christmas?  Good they may be, but I rather suspect that is too much to ask.  I am advised that for the initial post op period I needed to buy from the Soft & Comfy range by George at Asda.  This I have done.  Obviously a large was in order.  I do not know how long I will be expected to wear these bras but I cannot see me going out of the house in them.  Soft and comfy they may be but I suspect that they only remain so if you do not so much as move a muscle as I cannot see how they will be supportive.  Thankfully at only £6 it is worth a punt.

Once all my swelling has reduced and I fully embrace the glory of my lopsidedness, I am told I may be provided with a prosthesis, or a ‘softie’, to even things up a little.  When this happens is a little more unclear.  I do not like unclear.


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