Lymphing on


Having had three lymph nodes whipped out from my left side is not without consequence.  I am currently banned from all scented products in my left under arm region.  Including deodorant.  So I should probably apologise to those around me now.  I am more than a little paranoid in the smelling department and am finding myself constantly sniffing in the direction of my left arm pit.  I cannot use anything scented for fourteen days.  FOURTEEN!  By my reckoning that should be just about in time for my next lot of surgery to ban its use for many more weeks *sigh*  Maybe I should just provide you all with nose pegs?

But this is not the only issue.  I have already documented my external blueness.  I have mentioned my blue wee.  What I have not before revealed is these are not the only things to have been stained blue.  Pretty much everything has been.  Especially all things excretory.  There are not many one can share this information with, clearly you lot are excluded, so on first discovering it I excitedly texted the Captain at work.  He replied, ‘You’re basically a human slush puppie, aren’t you?’


More seriously, it seems I am now at risk of developing lymphoedema.  To minimise the risk I have to forever avoid doing anything that will increase pressure or my chances of infection in that arm.  So having my blood pressure or bloods taken from my left arm would be something to be avoided.  Being bitten by insects should be something kept to other areas of my body.  That should be easy, right?  And anyway, it is not as if I am allergic to insect bites or anything.  Oh.  Wait.  Bollocks.


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