The Scream.

I think you may have gathered that yesterday I was a tad tired?  I may have mentioned it.  It is true.  I was.  Very.  I rather suspect I will be for sometime as it happens.  But yesterday I was particularly tired because I had overdone things somewhat.  Am I sorry?  Am I ‘eck as like!  It was even worth my epic wallow.  Apologies for worrying you all.  Then again, I am not cheery all the time.

You see, yesterday I went with some splendid friends to the theatre.  I finally got to see a production of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.  I had tickets to see a different production at a different theatre in 2011 but had to cancel due to a different set of health problems and hospital stays so the prospect of not making this performance was not pleasing to me.  It was probably a day sooner than it ideally should have been but what care I for that?  It was marvellous.  I clutched my arm protectively to my side, sank into the less than comfortable seats and lost myself in the play.  Simply bliss.  I did pay for it but I am so glad I went.  On the upside, I actually slept well.  I had a brief wakeful hour but otherwise did not regain consciousness until after 7am.  So aside from the small melancholic fit, it was win win.

Today looks like passing in a similar blur.  I am attempting to rest this morning, enthroned as I am in my purpose built chair.  But then I am being whisked of, delinquent style, for an afternoon of roman delights.  Many of you will know that I became 50 last year.  And for my fiftieth birthday I compiled of list of things I would like to do before becoming 51 or there abouts.  It is safe to say that I have been going off list what with the breast cancer and all, but today’s activity is a back on list one.  I have lived near the site of some Roman ruins for more than quarter of a century but have never visited.  According to all I know they are seriously unimpressive but having had a childhood dragged to every conceivable Roman ruin at every given opportunity I cannot account for having never visited.  So today, the Serious Delinquent is taking me there.  To combat my inevitable disappointment (I grew up near such epic ruins as Verulamium and Hadrian’s Wall) (my geography is not that bad, I moved a lot) we are then having lunch.  And then dinner.  I could get used to this.



3 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Can you tell i was focusing on the restaurant rather than the site?!? It does not compare to the two you’ve mentioned but still fun. Good foraging bushes beside it if i remember correctly.


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