All Clear!


They rang me!!  I just had a phone call from the All Singing All Dancing Breast Unit.  They had my results.  No cancer cells in my lymph nodes.  None.  I cannot begin to tell you what good news this is but you can probably work it out.

This should mean that I do not need chemo or radiotherapy.  Just a whole pile of surgery.  But from where I am standing, that is more than ok.  First up is the Lop-It-Off-And-Rebuild-A-Wee-One operation now scheduled for the 21st March.  Eleven days and counting.


18 thoughts on “All Clear!

  1. Oh I do know how that feels. My nurse was practically hopping with excitement when she called in me for the consultant to tell me the most brilliant news…that of ‘no lymph nodes’ involved. Breathe easy my lovely. The rest is easy. Well, perhaps not easy but do-able.
    Have a great evening. That will be a large g&t then.


  2. I am so thrilled for you and your lovely husband and family. You may not need quite so many freezer meals now as you will be bouncing back sooner!!
    Much love
    Fran xx


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