Tonight I have nothing

Zilch.  Nada.  Nicht.

I am just tired.

Tired of not sleeping

Tired of weeping

Tired of being scared

Tired of what’s to come

Tired of waiting.

But most of all tired of cancer.

Tired of it usurping my life

Tired of it having stolen my breast

Tired of it eating my thoughts

Tired of it dominating my conversations

Tired of it killing my sleep.

Tired, tired, tired.


5 thoughts on “Tonight I have nothing

  1. I remember my flatemate Emma in Nottingham saying she suffered from Tiredom. I think it’s a great word and I bequeath it to you for your current horridness. Praying for you, love you and hope your tiredom lifts soon and you sense some rays of sun and hope, and get some sleep. XXX


  2. Sending you many hugs from the ark I have begun to construct after all the rain in Dubai. Am constructing it with wifi so I can continue to read your blog of course. Much love Helen.


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