Carpe Diem


I had a bad day yesterday.  I slept late and long which boded well but woke again with a sleep hangover (does such a thing even exist?).  I guess it is no surprise that I was exhausted and more than a little fragile after the previous day’s marathon at the hospital, but that does not mean I was prepared for it.  I was woken by the sound of five men traipsing around the building site I mean what will one day be a kitchen.  This was more than I could stand.  On the whole, this building project has been ok.  Yesterday it tipped into not being ok.  Yesterday it was far from ok.  Thankfully I could decamp and holed up with J.  She snuggled me in a chair, tucked me up with blankets, plied me with tea, soup and tissues, and left me to it.  Perfect.

When I returned home hours later, the builders had gone, cleaned up and all that was left was a newly plastered shell.  It is beginning to look like it may one day be a kitchen.  Perhaps washing up in the bath will not become a way of life.  It is only a matter of time before I muddle the washing up liquid with the bubble bath or the flannel with the green scourer so let us hope so.

Today is going to be a good day.  I am taking my Left Breast on a series of last outings.  Today’s involves my sister.  She is well practised in the art of accompany my breasts and I on outings.  We are meeting at a champagne bar.  In the morning.  Get us.  Where we go from there remains to be seen.  But it may involve lingerie.  Then again, it may involve just lots of bad behaviour.  Who knows?

Later the Captain and I are going out to dinner.  I will do my utmost not to behave too badly there.  Although no promises can be made.  Badly behaved or not, I am very much looking forward to day of friends and celebration.


4 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Am glad you are having some social marathons to match the medical marathons! Long may that continue. I am finding your blog such a roller coaster that must be truly reflecting of this new unwanted chapter in ‘Helen’s life’. Carpe Diem to you and yours xx


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