Cooking up a storm avec ma mère


Being nestled in the bosom of the ancestral home has its advantages.  I am being lavished with maternal care.  Last night, I even pulled an all nighter – didn’t get up for the loo once!  Actually, that is the first night I have slept properly since this whole debacle began.  Funnily enough, I am still knackered.  It is like I have a hangover.  A sleep hangover, if you will.  Because the two (very) small glasses of wine I consumed certainly did not cause it.

Mum has been very keen to help in some way.  Using her kitchen has been an absolute godsend.  I have made industrial quantities of meals that will be filling the freezer on our return.  I rather suspect the not having a kitchen thing is going to be getting to me soon.  We are down to trekking upstairs for our water and washing up now.  That may be just a tad trickier once I have been trimmed in the breast department.

And what do you think of my new mug?  I saw them in Waitrose last week (where I am, of course, a regular shopper *cough, cough*).  Mum spotted them too and I am now the proud owner of one!  It will sit, pride of place, on my new soon to be installed kitchen dresser.  I would far rather have this as a reminder of this time than something in pink.  With which I am still having problems …


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