Waiting, waiting, waiting


This is how I look right now.  Partly from way too much coffee.  Partly from way too little sleep.  But mainly because I am willing the phone to ring.  As techniques go, it does not have much to recommend it.

Yesterday, the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting at the All Singing All Dancing Breast Unit happened.  And my knockers were discussed (do you think there should be bonus points for the number of synonyms for breasts I can get into this blog?  We could start a game?)  At some point today I will be contacted and hopefully given a clue about what happens next.  Probably in the form of a clinic appointment for next week.  I really NEED to know something.  It is getting very difficult to ignore the fact that I have a life threatening condition that is only going to get worse.  I know it is in hand, but frankly, I really would rather it actually was in someone else’s hand, whereas currently it is still very much on my chest.  I have lost all faith in time.  I have always joked that it is stretchy.  Now it has become extremely unreliable.


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