Homeward bound


Do you know what this is?  More to the point, do you know what it represents?  It is obviously our new boiler but it means we now have heating.  And hot water!  Our totally amaze-balls builders have pretty much done the impossible and managed to complete two weeks work in just a week.  They have been putting in extraordinarily long hours in order to get this done as they were concerned about me and wanted to do something to make our lives a little easier.  How incredibly kind!  I love them.  With an unseemly passion.  It will take all my self-control not to flash my as yet un-mutilated rack at them in the coming week.  The Captain assures me I must exercise control as we do not want to scare them away.  Rude.

So while we remain kitchen-less for sometime to come, we have decamped from the boat (and the make shift sitting area aboard) and moved back home.  Hurrah!

Tomorrow is the day I am hoping to hear something about my referral to the All Singing All Dancing Breast Unit.  They discussed my case at their Multi Disciplinary Team meeting today and will hopefully have some idea of the way forward.  Here’s hoping.


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