I have almost completed The Telling.  Close people now know.  I think most important people are also clued in.  I have made an announcement on my business Facebook page.  Another will be going on my website shortly with a newsletter to follow.  Finally, a personal Facebook announcement will happen once I have dates etc following today’s afternoon clinic appointment. It is a little like chucking a brick into a lake and watching the ripples, nay waves crash onto the shore.  Many people’s faces go through the expressions above.  Although possibly not the bottom left.  Sneering with distaste has yet to happen.

I think I had quite possibly the BEST reaction yet yesterday.  It was after listening to the sermon on John 15:1-8.  Seriously?  A sermon on lopping off and pruning just before I have a mastectomy??  Thanks God!  Some people with cancer speak of being shunned, of others wishing to avoid them as if they fear ‘catching’ the cancer for themselves.  This has not been my experience at all.  Even the following from later in the day, while insensitive, was not delivered maliciously.  Someone of many years acquaintance asked:

‘How are you?  Are you ok?’, with some sensitivity, unusual for them.  I am well into my script now, so I simply replied:

‘Not really, I have breast cancer.  I’ll be having surgery soon.’

‘No!  Have they given you a prognosis?  I mean are you going to die or anything?’

Classic!  Best.  Reaction.  Yet.

For the record, I have no intention of dying.  None.  So do not going planning my funeral.


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