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Have you noticed how everything to do with breast cancer is pink?  The above picture is a small screen shot from a Google image search for breast cancer.  The pinkness of this disease is overwhelming.  I do not approve.  This is a tough motherf*cker of an illness and painting it wishy washy pink seems a bit feeble to me.  Out of idle curiosity I did a similar image search for testicular cancer to see if it was a case of pink for girls and blue for boys.  Not so.  The boys, it seems, get multi coloured.

I am rapidly going off pink.  So much so that when our boat shower room curtains fell apart last week, I decided the whole thing needed to be de-pinked.  I had accessorized it in fuchsia pink a few years ago when feeling the lack of my daughter one boating trip.  There was way too much testosterone on board and I needed some balance.  However, now, I am OVERDOSING on pink (do not give me pink flowers!  Or pink anything!  Just saying).  Even the ‘route’ to the breast unit at the hospital is marked out in pink, for pity’s sake!

So, for the princely sum for £39, I and my very ancient friend (ancient as in known a long time rather than agéd.  Although she IS older than me 😉 ) totally re-did my shower room and it is now blue.  Because blue is beautiful.  Blue is best!  And it was so good to do something totally unrelated to cancer for a short while.



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