Feeling the love


Since ‘outing’ my cancer I have been overwhelmed by you lovely lot.  Seriously.  You are fab and I love you all.

Yesterday I had a weepy morning.  Then I had lunch with two serious delinquents who had me howling with laughter for two hours while we supped delicious nosh.  Today I received a lip balm from another reprobate.  This was not just any lip balm, oh no.  This was Gin & Tonic lip balm!  It is going into my hospital bag.  I suspect I will not be allowed the real mccoy.  Today I also received the most beautiful M&S flowers from the most beautiful people, one of whom I have known since he was in short trousers.  How did he grow up to know about things like M&S flowers?  Ah, yes, he got married.  I have also received cards, letters, messages, texts, emails.  The list is endless.  And very much appreciated.

In other news, I am unsure whether my lack of hormones are making their absence felt.  I am weepy.  Having difficulty sleeping.  Sometimes hot (actually I like to think I’m always hot.  Hot, hot, hot!  But this week I have struggled with that).  And I have had a really annoying headache.  It has not turned into a migraine, and for that I am grateful, but neither has it gone.  I cannot say how long I have had it as I have lost all track of days.  I did not have it on Monday. I have it now.  It arrived sometime between the those two moments.

I scared myself silly looking up Sudden and Abrupt Cessation of HRT on t’interweb the other night.  While not sleeping.  Seriously, do not do it.  All this stuff about the body going into permanent menopause shock.  Well I’m having none of that, thank you very much.  Turns out, it is entirely possible that, as well as all my symptoms being down to stress (breast cancer stressful?  Who knew?!), the Captain has been doing his damnedest to kill me off with carbon monoxide poisoning!  I suspect he is in league with Jeremy Hunt and is just out to save the NHS the shed load of money I am about the cost them.  For the boaters among you, our stove chimney had blocked since last using it and it was only an article in Waterways World on the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning that finally alerted us.  So now the chimney has been cleaned and the windows have been open all day and funnily enough, the headaches are clearing.


5 thoughts on “Feeling the love

  1. Helen you are one of the best I know at using genuinely funny humour in tough times ….. you’ve made me laugh out loud again! So glad you are being loved and spoiled!

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  2. There was a meme doing the rounds on FB recently – ‘Don’t confuse your google search with my medical degree’. Quite apt methinks. I have always thought that when it comes to medical matters of any variety – google is not your friend. And as for Andy trying to kill you with carbon monoxide – well if he thinks I’m going to let him win on scrabble now…

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