Smashing Times

We always knew it would happen.  And we always knew it would be awkward.  But I think it is safe to say that the kitchen extension at home is proving to be a tad more inconvenient that we anticipated.  I did not expect to have to juggle the removal of my jugs (or jug, but somehow that doesn’t quite work, does it?) with uninhabitable conditions at home.

We are boiler-less, water-less and gas-less for now.  At least we can beat a retreat to our beloved boat which has a working kitchen.  And a bed!  And even, wait for it, a shower room!!  Not so much of a lounge, more of a work in progress, but you cannot have it all, you know.

Having discussed my breasts with the builders, I kid you not, they hope to have a new boiler in and things back to liveable in two weeks.  This should coincide with my discharge post-op.  Should.  The kitchen will still be out of action for many weeks but we have a mini cooker on the dining table that will suffice.  If the timing goes awry my Mum is sweeping us off to Oopnorthshire for some maternal care.  If the timing is spot on, my Mum is sweeping down from Oopnorthshire and bringing maternal care with her.

I really think at 80 she should be spared from such activities and be able to put her feet up *sigh*  Then again, while there’s breath in her body she will be caring for someone and I am so glad to be on the receiving end.


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