The Great Telling part 3

breast cancer care

During The Telling, many of you lovely people have asked me all sorts of questions.

  • Questions about my cancer
  • Questions about how you can help
  • Questions about my treatment
  • Questions about breast cancer generally

Despite having been thrown into this situation, I feel ill equipped to answer many of them, although I do not mind anyone asking me anything.  I absolutely believe that knowledge equals power so here are links to two fabulous organisations: breast cancer care and Macmillan They both have excellent information.  Do not bother with anything else online, it is only confusing, can be contradictory, may only apply in other countries and could well be wrong.  Save yourself the worry.

There are many confusing and seemingly contradictory things about my own diagnosis that I have yet to sort out but basically I have a multifocal grade 3 invasive cancer.  Besides having a mastectomy, I do not yet know what sort of treatment, if any, I will be subject to.

What I do know is that without the changes to the screening program which dropped the age from 50 to 47, my cancer would probably not have been picked up until too late.  The changes in my second mammogram at 50 were only apparent because they varied significantly from my first one taken at 47.  Had that been my first, it is unlikely that it would have been considered abnormal.

So please, do not ignore requests for screening.


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