The Great Telling part 2

Man telling an astonished woman some secrets

It seems never-ending.  The telling that is.  Just when I think that I’ve covered everyone, I remember someone else.  It is exhausting.  I have been delegating The Telling.  Friends have been telling others for me which I greatly appreciate.  So please feel free to do likewise.  I will be doing that so very 21st century thing of making an announcement on Facebook next week but I am trying to catch important people before this happens.  If I have missed you it is not because I do not regard you as important.  It is because I am overwhelmed.  And crap at remembering everything.  Frankly it is a miracle I do not go out with sandwiches in my hair, shoes on backwards and with some item of clothing entirely missing.  Oh, wait a minute …

This weekend I am desperately hoping for some much-needed time with the Captain.  We have had no time alone since we sat in a gin bar in town on Monday.  ‘What d’you want to do?’ he asked on our return from the hospital.  I gave my usual response to almost every question, ‘Drink gin.’ ‘Right,’ he said, ‘let’s get pissed!’  And so we caught the bus into Birmingham in order to allow the plasterfication to really be effective.  We howled with laughter, pontificated passionately, and sobbed at intervals.  It was wonderful.  Well, not the occasion that brought us there but as a response to it, pretty appropriate I’d say.

However, since then there has been not a moment to ourselves.  So this weekend we are aiming to have that.  My phone may only be on at intervals.  I am not ignoring you.  Well I am.  But not because I do not want to hear from you.  I do.  Very much.  I just need time.  And there is precious little of that.


2 thoughts on “The Great Telling part 2

  1. We didn’t get drunk, but do let me tell you about my ‘doughnut’ moment some time. Laughing and crying at the same time in a motorway restaurant. Yes, it was one of ‘those’ moments
    to treasure and remember with much gratitude. xx

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