Shhh ….


I do realise that this is not something that will stay secret for very long.  Especially as I am the one who is generally doing the telling.  However, I would like it to remain relatively underwraps for a few more days.

I have not yet told our children.  And they deserve to be told face to face.  By me.  So this requires a little organisation.  No one relishes having to give such news to their offspring so it is not likely to be easy.  However, throwing two autistics into the equation will certainly add a spice.  They will be frightened.  And express it badly.  I am hoping for best but being practical.

We have arranged a family meal out.  They are coming with their partners.  Once fed & watered we will return home and break the news in the privacy of our home.  Under normal circumstances we would not go out at all but in the middle of all this we have no kitchen.  Our new one is about to be demolished and over the next two months be reconstructed.  Sounds familiar.  My new kitchen will be yellow.  Perhaps I should order a new breast to match?


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