Tick, tock


Doesn’t time drag when you watch it?

What with all the shenanigans of last weekend, the time relatively flew.  Nothing like pain, drugs and immobility to make you lose your sense of time and space.

A week of doing very little meant that I was in dire need of leaving the house and thankfully was mobile enough to travel so we kept our longstanding engagement for a Welsh weekend with friends on the coast.  The journey was long and not at all back friendly.  But the stops were plentiful, including one at a pub next to the shop in Knockin: the Knockin Shop no less.  My inner Benny Hill did much smirking.  Once at our friends’ house, I juggled my drugs to accommodate the alcohol and all was amazingly well!  The weather, the food and the company all fab.

All this helped enormously with distracting me from the small matter of my results appointment tomorrow.  But now we are home, and the three hours we have been here I swear have been longer than the whole of the past twelve days.  Clearly there is some weird shift in the space time continuum going on.

Still, in another 6 months or so (make that three hours) I’ll be able to go to bed and before I know it, it could all be over?

Here’s hoping …


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