Diversion Tatics


All the literature I can find on t’interweb speaks of the interminable wait between having a biopsy and receiving the results.  I have thirteen days to fill.  I thought this was going to be tricky.  So I planned lovely things: a day out with friends to the Emma Bridgewater factory; family visits; lunches out.  Turns out I really needn’t have worried.  My time is speeding past at an alarming rate.

I have discovered, that nothing distracts me from things I’d rather not think about than crushing pain.  Pain that leaves one totally immobile.  Pain that causes one to groan like a cow in labour.  Pain that blocks out all other thoughts, sucking all things into an excruciating vortex of agony.  Do you get the impression that I might have hurt myself?  Just a teensy bit??

Sunday afternoon saw me leaning over the dining table jotting a note.  I turned to my right and that was it.  I was slammed by a wall of searing back pain that left me breathless and unable to move.  It was 3pm.  Ever the optimist I was sure it would pass so not until 7pm did I admit defeat.  By then, my pain was so bad I would rather have had my hysterectomy all over again.  Even my facial accident didn’t give me acute pain like this.  By 7:30pm three paramedics were here and I gasping Entonox like it was the source of life and Mother Morphine was coursing my veins and soothing me from the inside.  Finally my muscle spasms were beginning to relax.

I was carted off to A&E where more analgesics were administered and I was finally discharged at 2:30am, still stiff and sore but at least I was more mobile.

Looks like this week is going to see me spending a lot of time pacing or lying on the floor or working on the exercises my physio friend has given me!


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