Embracing normality

Today I woke up feeling good.  I had lost that sluggish, tired, achy I’ve-got-an-infection sort of feeling and even bounced out of bed.  Really quite unlike me.  These antibiotics must be curing more than just mastitis, I thought.

As we currently have indoor guttering and an extremely leaky kitchen ceiling thanks to our building project (*grits teeth: it-will-be-fabulous-when-it’s-finished*) the pressure is on to erect a temporary kitchen in our dining room.  Avoiding All Age Worship meant the day had come to do this.

There are now four bowls catching the drips …

In order to assist, all the newly made marmalade needed to be categorised, shelved or boxed & generally tidied away into the store room.  I needed to do this and thought nothing of it.  After all, what’s a couple of hundred jars of marmalade between friends?  It turns out that those pesky chest muscles really do connect between arms & breasts so now I’ve had to sit down and am nursing an aching boob & arm.  Not best pleased.  I’m also silly tired.  Bah!  But I did get it done 🙂

On the upside side, my bruising has moved into an even more colourful phase.



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