Glorious technicolour


My mastitis is much improved although I’m still feeling pretty rubbish.  I do not know how much is related to the infection or the use of metal during the procedures as me and metal do not get on.  For surgery I have latterly been given antibiotic and steroid cover pre-op which of course didn’t happen on this occasion but when I think about it, I probably had more metal in me for longer than I would have done for some of my other full blown operations.

Anyway, I have now engaged in photographing my breasts and sharing said photos via social media and the internet so I have much in common with 21st century youth.  Ha!

I am beginning to tell people of what is happening.  Which is, in itself slightly odd.  As there is not much to tell: I feel rubbish; I have had horrid but very necessary examinations due to abnormalities found only through an NHS screening program; I am waiting for results.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  So the numbers I have told are few.  Very very few.  Because there is not much to tell.

My next appointment is the 15th.  It feels a very long way off.


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